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Please Note

All classes now have a manditory attendance rate in order to receive credit. Please follow the link for more information.

Classes can only be run when a minimum number of have students have registered. Classes are subject to cancellation at any time.

Course Pricing

Instructor-led CSCP courses are $(TBD) for APICS members and $(

tbd) for non-members. Books and other course materials are included.

Some discounts are available:

Resources for our CSCP Students

There is now a new handy CSCP "Getting Started Toolkit" for 2015. It includes a CSCP Roadmap, CSCP Module Content, Testimonials, an Intel Success Story and a sample letter yo help all of you potential CSCP candidates discuss the program with your supervisor!


Please follow the link to check it out:


Getting Started Toolkit


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We recommend that you request a free dictionary from APICS.org. You can download a copy to your desktop or request a printed copy.


Log on to the online learning center at: www.learncscp.com


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CSCP Eligibility

To be eligible to register for the APICS CSCP exam, an individual must meet ONE of the following criteria:

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Interested in CSCP? We offer 2 Options!

The Southern New Hampshire Chapter is pleased to offer two learning options.


Option 1: Self Study

For $845 you will receive the all of the CSCP workbooks shipped to your home, as well as access to hundreds of practice questions and vocabulary words online at www.learncscp.com.


Click here for an order form and additional information.


Option 2: Instructor Led Class

One three-hour class each week for 12 weeks in a convenient Southern New Hampshire location. This option includes the four CSCP workbooks, as well as access to hundreds of practice questions and vocabulary words online at www.learncscp.com. You will also have access to two experienced instructors and the benefits of learning in a group environment. Our class schedule will always be updated here as it becomes available.


Please contact our VP of Education for any additional questions.


Click here to download a brochure detailing our two learning options.

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More about CSCP

The CSCP program is appropriate for professionals with experience with supply chain functions or ERP systems who are interested in increasing their knowledge and expertise in the field of supply chain management and preparing for the APICS CSCP exam.


Earning an APICS certification can take you from a qualified candidate to a sought-after expert. Around the world, APICS certification designees are recognized, promoted, hired, and paid more.


Especially in today's growing and changing supply chain management field, to maintain your competitive edge, you must continuously increase your knowledge, skills, and expertise. Stay competitive with the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification.


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