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Breakdown of APICS Certifications and Key Deliverables (Click Here PDF)

Printable CPIM & CSCP Certificates

Later this spring, APICS will begin offering free electronic certificates to all qualified designees. This will conserve energy and provide instant access to APICS certificates.

As a CPIM or CSCP designee, you may download free electronic certificates or order them from your account as long as your certification is in current status. The following certificates will be available electronically:

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM)
CPIM Lifetime
CPIM Maintenance
Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM)
Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
CSCP Lifetime
CSCP Maintenance

When you pass an exam, you will receive a notification email that includes instructions on how to request any applicable certificate. There will be two delivery options:

  1. Download a free electronic certificate from your account

  2. Request a free hard copy certificate; shipping fees may apply

For additional information on changes to certificate delivery, including FAQs, please visit the APICS corporate website.


Class Locations & Directions

We are always looking for locations for evening courses. If your company has a space we can use, please contact Zenagui Brahim.


Testing Tips from APICS

APICS Certified Instructors

The Southern New Hampshire Chapter is pleased to use several experienced instructors certified by APICS!


Instructor Bios

Kirk Frazee, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP

Kirk is recognized as an APICS Associate Level Instructor for both CPIM and CSCP and is the current President of the Southern New Hampshire Chapter of APICS.

Kirk has over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Operations, working in the roles of Planning, Scheduling, Forecasting, Project Management, Purchasing and ERP implementation. Currently he is an Adjunct Professor at UMASS Lowell and Northeastern teaching Supply Chain Management and Operations Management courses. His previous career was  primarily in the  High-Tech and Bio-Tech arenas. He has served on the Board of Directors of APICS at the Chapter and Region level, and has been an APICS certification workshops instructor for over 15 years, teaching all CPIM modules as well as the CSCP certification course. Kirk holds APICS CPIM, CSCP and CIRM certifications as well as BSBA and MBA degrees from UMASS-Lowell.


Sara McCabe, CPIM, CSCP

Sara is recognized as an APICS Associate Level Instructor for both CPIM and CSCP

Sara has experience in a variety of operations roles, including manufacturing manager, planner, and master scheduler. She has severed on the Board of Directors for two different APICS chapters, as Vice President of Special Projects for the Northern Colorado Chapter, and currently as Webmaster for the Southern New Hampshire Chapter. Sara holds CPIM, CSCP, and Six Sigma GreenBelt Certifications, as well as a BSCE from the University of Vermont.

Dave Turbide,CFPIM, CMfgE, CIRM

Author of the books Computers in Manufacturing, MRP+, Why Systems Fail, among others, Dave has unique qualifications as an independent consultant and freelance writer serving both the developers and the users of software and systems for manufacturers. He has helped hundreds of users of manufacturing systems to select, implement, and get better results from their systems. In addition, he has performed analysis, written white papers and case studies, and advised the software developers to help them improve their products and market positioning. He has authored a number of reports for major analyst firms and is especially attuned to the needs and challenges of the mid-sized manufacturer.

In addition to contributing hundreds of articles for various trade publications, Dave and a partner launched Midrange ERP magazine (later renamed Midrange Enterprise) in 1996, to act as an information and education resource for the small to medium manufacturing community. After returning to private practice, he leveraged the broad market knowledge acquired through his manufacturing consulting practice and work as an independent journalist. Look for his articles and columns in APICS Magazine available in print and online.

Dave is a certified manufacturing engineer and is certified by APICS at the fellow level in Production and Inventory Management and in Integrated Resource Management and was a subject matter expert for the education material supporting the Certified Supply Chain Professional. He has taught literaaly thousands of hours of education classes, both public and on-site, covering the range of the APICS body of knowledge.



Anthony "Z" Zampello, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP

Z is recognized as an APICS Associate Level Instructor for both CPIM and CSCP

Tony “Z” now serves as a consultant, educator, and trainer to the operations and materials management profession. He has held senior management positions with Engelhard, Hasbro, Swarovski Jewelry, Wm. E. Wright, Robert Allen Design and Schroff, and has consulted with Vermont Castings, Rolls Royce, JR Music Supply, Avon, Rockwell, DTC Communications, Whitcraft, Plexus, Axsys, Arris, AstraZeneca and Tiffany among others. He has held various leadership positions in APICS, including: Northeast District Director [2009 and 2010,VP Region 1, APICS International BOD, and President of both the Providence and New Bedford Chapters. He’s served on the Seminar 1 BOD, and is an APICS certification instructor. He has also taught at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and teaches Operations Management at Bentley University.


Brian Doane, CPIM, CSCP

Brian is recognized as an APICS Associate Level Instructor for both CPIM and CSCP


Brian has 25 plus years in Manufacturing, Operations Management, Supply Chain/Logistics in a variety of operations roles including Procurement, Planning, Scheduling, ERP System Implementations, Spare Parts (FRU’s), Warehousing, Shipping/Receiving, and Import/Export activities. Professional credentials include APICS certified in CPIM & CSCP. Brian has a long history with APICS and currently serves as President, Southern New Hampshire #253 APICS Chapter.


Instructors Wanted

The Chapter is looking for Instructors to teach APICS courses for CPIM and CSCP certification. The chapter wishes to project a professional image.

To this end, instructors are required to be qualified professionals to conduct these courses. The courses generally last for ten weeks. Each session should take about three hours, including the quiz. The classes are conducted at the client site in southern New Hampshire during evenings hours between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM on week days. The instructor's material is provided by the chapter as a loan.

Qualifications for the instructors include CPIM or/and CSCP certification, industry experience, teaching skills and an undergraduate degree. If you are interested and would like to participate in this program, please call or write to: 

Zenagui Brahim: vp-education@apics253.org (603)226-3200

Host Companies Wanted

Chapter's policy pertaining to a company hosting certification review courses at their facilities:

Host Company, who agree to host certification review courses at their facilities are offered an option of a flat rate for CPIM certification course. This fee entitles the Host Company to enroll up to fifteen of its employees in the course. The Host Company is entitled to enroll their employees at the APICS member rate. In addition to the above benefits, Host Companies offer their employees the opportunity to take the APICS certification courses at the local site without commuting to other locations.

The Host Company agrees to:

The Chapter agrees to:

Education History

For instructor reference, here is a list of past course offerings.